ESX car shop



I need a script where players can buy/sell cars, using ESX/FX-Server.
Anyone know a good one?


EDIT: esx_vehicleshop don’t work for me.


I bet it works for you as well but you haven’t enable it so it would work or its placed wrong on cfg.


No, esx_vehicleshop has lots of issues - 15 at the moment on the GitHub.


esx_vehicleshop doesn’t work well at all on my new test server. Buggy as hell. We’re looking for an alternative.


Managed to fix my esx_vehicleshop - I had set it as a separate job :man_facepalming:
It’s working great now, though. Are you sure you’ve set it all up correctly, installed all of the .sql files and everything?


Can anyone direct me to or tell me how to relocate the esx_vehshop? I am trying to relocate it to Harmony in the RV dealership, however when I change the coordiantes nothing happens. Also whats confusing me is the config files has a ‘shop entering’, ‘shop exiting’ etc coordinates and the new dealership location I have is just an outdoor space.


Shop entering is where you step into the circle and press E to view vehicles, shop exiting is where you spawn inside the vehicle once you’ve purchased it.

Just use any resource to display coords, stand in the spots you want the locations to be and just swap out the coords.


esx_vehshop is working like a charm. But be aware, the whole ESX have got big update recently, you need to update ES_extended along with other things described on their GitHub

You just didn’t installed it correctly


Yup thats where I wa getting it wrong, since it was outdoor I thought I didnt need to enter shop entering or shop outside cordinates but even if it is outdoors you still need to, i got it fixed.