Esx_ambulancejob anti alt-F4



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Anti alt f4 sql Dead?

You should really either push your updates to main branch or describe your edits here.


wait so what does this do fix it where you arent laying there like an idiot on the ground and can’t respawn


i dont understand what you mean, this script is there to just prevent player from doing alt f4


I’ll try it good job and thx very much :blush::v:️.


You have an error in your sql.
You are creating: ALTER TABLE users ADD isalife2 int(2) default 1;

white it should be: ALTER TABLE users ADD isalife int(2) default 1;

Else its awesome :slight_smile:


thx ! repaired :slight_smile:


Link is broken… Can someone know another Anti Alt-F4 ?


the link is not cod 404 I want the script


Do you have the script yet would be happy
because the link is no longer possible


I have been searching for something like this to prevent respawn when death… can’t find it anywhere.


yes that’s the only script
what old f4 can stop
and forces the dead
pity that the link is on private
a great pity would help fell servers
the script


broken link… sad, this is a helpeful script


Yes, that’s right, it needs a lot of servers, but it does not work


English is the required language, please use a translator.


does one still have the data from the script?


it isnt shared anymore


Meh I need this for my server too. I’ll upload to github when completed.


then send that to me personally


Made my own version for those interested: [RELEASE][ESX] Persistent Death