Esx advanced garage problem

people can duplicate cars easily from the impound how can i make it so that when someone automatically does this gets banned or kicked cuz already it prints that someone is exploiting the garage and it can identify the player so why not ban him or kick him automatically

just use eden garage 3:1

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Can you possible recreate and detail how they are duplicating cars so we can possibly fix it?

go to the impound get your vehicle out go back within a few seconds it will respawn your vehicle while the other one u got out will stay there

It seems there is no check to see if the car has been taken out of the garage previously. If I retrieve my owned Mesa, the go back and did it again there will be 2 in the parking lot. This can be done endlessly.

i will upload a video on youtube give me a few min

I have the same Problem :frowning:

Eden garage is a good option

Anyone know of a garage script that each garage is individual? Meaning if I put a car in Legion Square Garage then I can only get it out there and no other garage?

You could make it independent yourself, just copy the script and make some new tables in your database, in all of the new scripts refer to the table you want them to!

Thought about it, but seems like a hell of a lot of work. My thought would be just add a column to the table for location in owned vehicles.

Don’t think that would work, because it will still sync the vehicles in your garage.

eden garage2 does this. It has a transfer option but you can remove that from the client side if you dont want the ability to transfer the cars to another garage.