Essentialmode missing from CouchDB


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GTA V version? latest
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Steam/CD/Social Club? steam
Windows version? 10 x64 pro
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System specifications 1080ti 16gb ram 7700k
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What server did you get this issue on? my server.
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Well, the problem is I don’t have essentialmode in CouchDB even I have set-up everything good in essentialmode folder … Any help?:c


You install couchdb seperately??? Also not tech support related


what do you mean by seperately? I installed CouchDB normal… download install, created admin and entered the stuff in config


then whats your problem? You literally make no sense


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Mate, I installed the Essentialmode, entered the CouchDB username & password into its config but when I start the server and check the there is no essentialmode database in CouchDB


fixed by myself…


How? It’s doing the same for me mate.


Do u use mysql ? If yes, there is no problem if its not in the couchDB. If not, i fixed it by removing Essentialmode & es_admin2 from resources folder and adding them back.


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