Essential mode + es admin help needed



i’ve googled the heck out of this question and all i keep reading is “oh it’s easy just use essential mode and es admin” but alas i’m still struggling, anything i find leads me to couchdb, which i prefer to not use over mysql. anyways I can’t for the life of me get myself into a admin role on my server. this has been my biggest roadblock yet, plz send help for a noob like me self teaching himself. thank you

p.s. if it helps i have my server databases linked through heidi and xampp


The first admin role must be set in rcon or manually in the DB. If your server owner set your group to superadmin and level to a number of your choice. After that role has been set that user will have access to the moderater menu by pressing home key.


yes, i set my admin role in the server.cfg but i don’t have any powers in game I am server owner. running it on a VPS and not a prefab rentagame server somewhere, where can i set superadmin. i might need to do it manually, so far any attempts at making a rcon work have failed as well lol


Are you using essential mode or not? Es does not use ACE. fivem servers use many types of methods for admin. What framework are you running?


here is the server dump I am using to start the server with and modify it from this


If your running esx framework that requires essential mode base. So after importing the sql into your DB you will have a table called users. In that table set your group to superadmin and set your level as well. After doing so, connect to your server and press the home key. The es_admin2 menu should come up if you’ve added yourself as administrator properly.


found it! fingers crossed it works