Essential Issue


Ok i start with a fresh install of fivem server and client, I installed MySQL and used the SQL file provided, ( Only have Users and Bans tables, All tutorials have more tables ) I changed the text in the map resource file ( ) then changed info in both admin files for SQL ( used default info ), I edit the config ( ) i start my server and it starts with no errors and I try to join, ( ) My game sticks on initializing server. My game crashes after a few mins after never passing this screen, and a fivem crash comes up about VISH error ( referring to some trainer in DIR )
But i can join any server with no issues, Please help me i can provide any info needed to help me! Thanks and i know if i dont know look for tutorials but they have been no help so far. and other topics not helping Also this is my Resource folder


Instead of essentialmode = true use the name of the gamemode. And add the gamemode to the autostart. Example_gamemode = true.


I apologize in advance,
do you mean replace it with “fivem-map-skater = true” ??


No. The tutorials were for older versions of essentialmode. Change essentialmode = true to the name of the gamemode your using. And add the name of the gamemode to the autostart.


ok coding is not my best
So the game modes are inside the [gamemodes] folder? and there is only race n race test not sure what I’m putting in there or what game mode is running if there even is one running, like I said I’m sorry in advance, What u said sound so simple but I get lost, cuz I don’t know what game mode is running or if I’m even running one.


A folder called example_gamemode came with essentialmode. If your not using a custom gamemode you need to use the example_gamemode.

I need help to setup essential mode

is this normal on start up?


I don’t see any errors. Do you load into the server?


yes everything seems to be working thank you so much man you have been 100% very very helpful


Your welcome, happy to help. :smiley:


Hi Hist,

I downloaded EssentialMode from here [Release] EssentialMode base but I don’t have the example_gamemode folder. What should I do? (I don’t manage to find it).