Es_freeroam repsawn issue.. need help asap


Hey I have instaleld the es_freeroam and configured everything correctly according to the readme file.

The problem is that when I get in game I keep respawning at a jail over and over again. I’m not sure how to fix this issue as it might have something to due with the code but it’s really annoying. If anyone has installed this gamemode and has the same problem but fixed it please let me know. It would be a big massive help to the server I’m trying to create.


I am not sure how to fix this but I would definitely recommend providing errors or anything else you can find. Maybe a video link to a recording of the issue? It may help people be able to fix your problem.


Moved to #development:scripts


es_freeroam = dead and has been replaced with fs_freemode.
You could read this In case you need help regarding the setup.


oke will look into it thank u guys for helping out peace


umm do someone know how to disable the fs_freemode death thing because i have a revive script that kind of gitchs with it