Es_admin2 With Noclip of VRP

Hey Guys,

I am one of the Persons who switched from vRP to ESX and saw the noclip of es_admin2 and I was thinking like: “Is it possible to transfer the Noclip of vRP To ES ?” We were working pretty long on it ^^ but at the End it worked.
With this Noclip you can create Nice Trailers for your Server, because it works like a camera.

Here is my Script guys :slight_smile: (I am not the Creator of essentialmode, vrp or es_admin2)

Credits go to @Kanersps (You are a god mate :wink: )

Link to Kanersps’s Essentialmode : [Release] EssentialMode base
Link to Imagic’s vRP Framework: [Release] vRP Framework
Psycho’s vRP :[vRP Framework]-[Psycho Edited - FX 3.5]-[23/07/17]
Dunko’s vRP: [vRP Framework]-[Dunko Edited V6.2 - FX Server] UPDATED 10/11/2017 - Supports 12 languages

Have Fun with it




You should not share a modified version of @Kanersps work . Ask him instead to add this functionnality to his work. If it’s a good idea he will add it don’t worry. Like that we have a 100% working feature and maybe more.

I’m pretty sure your work is good but you should pay attention to the licensing of files :wink:

Didnt want to damage anybody :confused: I can send it to him and maybe he is going to Upload it. Should I delete it?


How do you get es_admin2 working in vrp…???

You cant. I meant that the noclip which is available on vrp is now available in the es admin menu of esx

-,- VRP does not support es_admin do you say that?

Well i am still running on vrp and het wil show the es_admin2 but only the commands does nothing so is that what you mean?

Yes. Es admin2 is coming with essentialmode and not with vrp.

ah oke i have changed me server to esx but he wouldt connect to me database do you maybe know why? me server wouldt connect with my Database?

Look the picture!

I dont give any esx Support

anyway to unban someone ?

@danini1705 how do I make someone an admin

Thanks for sharing… the ESX noclips on es_admin its …

VRP noclips better.