Error starting the application


Version GTA V
Modern Yes
Legally or Pirates copy? Legally
Steam/CD/social club?Social![
version of Windows?Windows 10 Pro
You probe ALT cat.The XML and try again?Yes
A screen shot of the error file

Specification CPU system ай7700к 4 cores RAM 8 Gigabit vidio 1050 ti
What did you do to solve this problem?the game has you hit personal files

If the problem with running:Yes
Screenshot Pack GTA Vfile:

GTA/update/x64/dlcpacks скриншотfile:
Way drive to the panel FiveM e gta5
The screen to gather customer FiveM fail:
You try to disable or remove your antivirus?Yes

Also add what you have tried so far.personal game


Rigth Click on the FiveM.exe, >Properties>Compatibility>Compatibility Mode tick Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 8


What? Why would that even work?

The issue is probably caused by placing FiveM inside your GTA V folder. You should not install FiveM inside your GTA V folder. Place it somewhere outside of your GTA V folder and try again. (FiveM.exe and the FiveM Application Data folder).


You rigth the FiveM need to be out of GTA% folder, In my case i have to do that other way i will get the same error his getting


the transaction as the sale of issues serve the same


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