Error (7) when launching


Everytime i try launching it always show this

alt text

Tried opening the url and it says 403 Forbidden

GTA V is v1.0.791.2 SC copy, tried adding fivereborn.exe to firewall/running as admin/compatibility mode to no avail.


Copy the exe and add (.exe) .dev to the end.


That fixes the error(7) but now social club says error213, pressing retry/go offline only makes it load forever. Running regular gta first then fivereborn i’m able to go in but server list is empty and timed out when trying to join a server.


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GTA V v1.0.791.2, RSC copy, getting this error everytime when launching.

alt text

pressing retry/go offline only makes it show this.

GTA V folder

FiveReborn folder



@Da7K you have several modifications installed in your GTA V folder. Please make sure you have a clean GTA V in order to play FiveReborn.

All modifications can be installed within FiveReborn /plugins/.


Mods are not loaded because i removed the scipthook (dinput8.dll), i can play gta online just fine.


I think you need to remove every Mod file not only the dinput8.dll


Please do as I told you.

Are you on Steam BETA?


@Boss what’s steam beta? my game is from social club.

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