Build 791.1 Online 1.35

When i get into a server after 1 or 2 minutos it crahes.
Already tried changing dx settings from 1 to 0 but did nothing it, makes close to 2 hours that im trying to make this work starting to lose hope.


Can you play regular GTA?


Yes not much FPS but yes i can play normally


@Boss Some help?


Do you have either fraps or MSI Afterburner running?


@Boss I dont have fraps or MSI or any software like that only runing Razer synapse and gamebooster and the normal nvidia experience and official drivers.


Might want to uninstall those "Razer synapse and gamebooster "


@Boss Ok i can try to unistall.


@Boss I already tried everything and i think my problem is with something about modded server like trainer or something i took the enhancedreborn trainer form my client and if i joing one unmodded server its fine but if use the trainer it crashes, it looks like this is the problem but im not sure still investigating.


@Toino let me now.


I am having the same error


Anyone have a fix for this??? This is really annoying and I can’t play any servers!


I can’t play fivem, this happends to me aswell.


I know how to fix this! Go to documents, rockstar games, gta v and delete the settings.xml file!