ER-RP (Serious Roleplay) (Emergency Services and Civilian) (Custom Features)



Hi, my name is Connor L. I am an administrator on ER-RP in charge of Recruitment/Marketing as well as being the Dispatch Director. Our community is brand new, hot off the press per say, however, our staff as been running GTA-V Roleplay communities for over a year, but keeping them small to get them developed to a science, and now the final product is here, and waiting for YOU.


  • Law Enforcement focused roleplay soon to involve an economy
  • Custom Vehicle Skins and real life vehicles.
  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Cad
  • Professional yet fun and friendly staff
  • Organized and Realistic emergency service departments
  • ELS (serverside) and EUP (client side)
  • Support to help get everything installed
  • We help you get better in whatever department you are in so you are a better roleplayer
  • We listen to YOU, the members. If you want something, we will seriously consider it
  • You don’t need GTA V to be involved (Dispatch)
  • High acceptance rate as we grow!

How to Join
Me: searches subject
You: finds note that reads “join and apply to the ER-RP community.

  • Connect to the discord via this link:
  • Once you join the community, there will be different channels for applications.
  • Copy and Paste the application either right into the chat and fill it out, or fill it out on phone notes or google docs and fill it out and then paste it into the channel. (Whatever works best for you) and you’re good to go. Just wait. Our recruitment team will review your application.
  • If you get accepted, there will be a little green check mark under your application and you will be contacted for an interview. Once you pass the interview, you are officially part of the community. Congrats :slight_smile:

We look forward to seeing YOU on the discord and in the community!


Hello, Discord Link is expired Connor


your discord link is not working