[ENG] Atlanta Network | Hiring Police and EMS


Atlanta Network Community

Atlanta Network community which was founded in April 2018. Atlanta was established to provide a fun, laid back environment for all gamer’s to call home. Over the last four months we have been developing a fivem server for realistic roleplay and to provide a great RP experience for the players.

The community takes pride in our dedicated staff team that is happy to assist our members in any situation or situation that might occur during your time here. We have a selection of moderators and administrators from across the world to assist you in almost every time zone offering technical support, in game moderation or any other questions or queries you may have. If you acquire support please join the "Requesting Staff" Channel and the staff will help you soon as they can.

Recruitment Requirements

  • MUST be 15 years of age
  • MUST have a legit copy of GTA V
  • MUST speak good English
  • MUST be active
  • MUST be Dedicated

Server Details

Discord: https://discord.gg/KjKs26C)
Server IP:
Website: http://atlantanetwork.co.uk/


We are also still some command roles within Los Santos Police Department. If anyone is interested give me a message on discord Karl#9086.


Bump, we’re still actively recruiting for new civilians and staff.


After further development to the server, we are now looking for new people to join the police and ems. I am still looking for new members and also people to join the staff team. There are also police positions available which need filling, anybody interested please contact me on discord.



Hey! I am super experienced in every department including staff. Please add me on discord



Hi, I am the Head Administrator for this community, This is something That we have been working on for a long time, I feel this Server is one of the best and you won’t Regret trying us out!

Our Staff Team needs more people, if you’re interested in applying, here are the forums

if you have any questions Pm on Discord: ✠Sebbs26✠#4532



fantastic server well worth the time staff are so helpful and the owner is a fantastic guy very helpful


We are looking for people to join the staff team.


After further development, we are now officially looking for people to fill the departments, we are looking for a police commissioner, and other roles. Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/6aDgMB9