End Of The Map


Does Any one have or know anything about going out far from the main map and cars no longer work i put a massive track in the game but when we drive to a certin point the car will lock up and you cant do anything but when you get out you can walk or no clip way further away is it like a death barrier is there a mod to remove it ??


GTA 5 has a wall around the edges of the map that will shutdown vehicles when crossing it.


yess I know that but how do I bypass it I have the playerinfo.ymt to do it but don’t know what or how to write the code to stream it to the server side @xander1998


same here got the same problem


I don’t even know if you can stream it. I never have.


ohh okay do you know if theres away to remove the games world barrier


No idea honestly. The only way I could think of is by setting vehicles as invincible but in a racing game I like to see damage :slight_smile: