Empire State Roleplay we are looking for committed developers and head developers [ESRP]



Hey there.

We are a new community and we are looking for Head Developers and Developers to help us on our journey to grow big and recruit lots of new people and get well-known within the “Role Playing Scene”. We are a worldwide community that is looking for English-speaking people to join. We would really appreciate it if you guys would like to get in touch with us via Discord and we will then add you to the interview discord and from there you will be awaiting an interview. Also please discuss with us what time-zone you are from and what times would work for you best, and we will try our best to get someone to interview you as close to that time as possible. If you are a developer, it would be great if you can share with us (either in the Interview Discord or via PM) so we are able to see what sort of stuff you can do.

Please send us a message on Discord if you are interested in any of these 3 different accounts:
Zack M.#2376
Kareem K.#9401

Thanks for your interest,
We hope to see you around.
Kindest regards from all of us at the Empire State Role Playing Community.