Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1



where do i buy EUP server side\




seem I have download problem… any other link or working link ?


Hello NJD, sorry for the inconvenience but could you make a US MARSHAL uniform?


does the 1.3 version say California highway patrol as well as lapd, and lasd, or does it say SAHP, LSPD, LASD, and BCSO


So Hey, kinda stupid question for ya’all but i got kinda confused.

So the EUP server sided, which gives the download and all. Does that mean clients dont have to install EUP clientsided anymore? Or do they still? Because for me the server sided aint working.


Actually just figured it out.
EUP serverside uses a premium feature that is in testing phase so bought FiveM Element Club Argentum.
Thanks for reply.


does this one require element club?


Yes (20 :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:)


Sorry to be that guy… But I know nothing about “Coding” or any of this stuff, but I do enjoy reading about what all yall are doing.(keep up the good work)
I was smart enough to download this file for the server I am on… HOWEVER, now the server has it “Server side”. Now when I get on other servers, people look crazy or they tell me that I look crazy. What I am getting at, is can someone explain to me how to get rid of this since its server side in most servers that use it now? Id like to be able to jump in and out of servers again in my characters without people saying I am missing arms or to take of the mask that on my screen im not wearing. Remember, I have no idea how all this stuff works. Thanks Folks


I installed everything correctly and have paid to the patreon, my server has the fivem supportive tier title etc etc, but yet I still get the same broken textures even though I have paid and have everything else working, if anyone can help please reply if possible and i was wondering if i have to wait awhile and thats why its broken still? not sure, I did 100% install it right


Got a question how do I change the eup-ui numbers on uniforms because we have custom Blaine county sheriff and San Andreas highway patrol uniforms in our server side eup what menu numbers would I base all those off if anyone could help that would be awesome


Interesting your ui has two error just like mine. The same errors I didnt fix when I uploaded my release of server and rescue. Way before this. Hmmmmm copy and paste much. No credit. No asking permission.


why did you just copy paste something thats not yours??? do people have no fucking morals anymore?!?! remove this shit man its not yours!


scumbags man have no fkn respect for devs, dude copy pastes, and wants credit for it, fuck that.


Funny you call me a scumbag and talk about respect for devs. This forum has been here almost a year and MY ui 5 months. If you wanna talk shop we can compare coding and I guarantee its a copy of mine. And im not keeping that ui there, its there till I have time to go through and re code it.

much love <3 NJD


So you copy and paste other peoples stuff still you can “recode” it


so when will this be fixt that everyone on the server can see the skin ?


Its possible to stream this clothes as replace in normal clothes shop ?


i cant get the NativeUI to load resources any help