Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1



only showing ped models. there is no clothes menu


For non leo clothing you would need to have a trainer or if esx go to the clothing store


like in this ?


make a mp male of mp female and then customize it like you would any mp male so under the ped customizer in the f4 not sure what it is under


f4 is not working for me :S


your key may be different just use simple trainer ped customizer or the f1 menu ped customizer


how to get that trainer or customizer ?


the trainer that you sent a pic of has a ped customizer in it im not sure what is under I know it has it \


weird :S 20 chararacterss


let me get in game and look for u


thank you 20 chararacterss


Model Spawning then Clothes Menu then customize it how u want

And you did pay for the Element Club Argentum ?


no i didnt pay 20 characters


Then it may not work as you have to pay


thank you … so much


no problem (20 char)


hello is it possible to set up these outfits to add?


Explain more then what you are


Is there a way to add the fire/ems eup pack like the serve & rescue pack made by Alex_Ashfold?


Wouldn’t the Lambda menu work as well? Seems like that would be easier