Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1



When will this come out publicly?


is it possible in the server side of things to change the clothes to california law & order?


Do we have a eta on fire uniforms on server side


Nope, Work is consuming my life rn


I’ve managed to add this to the esx_policejob menu and am happy to share how I did it.

First in eup-ui/client.lua add this

AddEventHandler("eupmenu", function()
    mainMenu:Visible(not mainMenu:Visible())

    while true do

Then in esx_policejob/client.lua at the police_actions menu add this

			{label = _U('eupmenu'),		    value = 'eupmenu'},

then I added this into it a bit further down

		elseif data.current.value == 'eupmenu' then

I personally put mine just before this line

   	elseif data.current.value == 'object_spawner' then

then I added the locales

  ['EUP'] = 'EUP Menu',

and that’s it, It should be in your policejob menu :slight_smile: I hope this helps someone!


I cant get the informs to show up in game does anyone know why


You need ECA :confused:


What is ECA does it cost money?


yes minimum is 15$/month


15 $ per month? :smiley: wtf


i have ECA but still the skins don’t show up correct in game


Have/are you using a FiveM license for the server that is created by the same email that you used for the forums/patreon?


yes i have. no idea why it is not working


so i signed up and paid for the pateron how do I now get eup server side up


How do i add IT in ESX Police JOB


maybe read up 9 post


Ok thanks (20charrrs)


Hi. I’m having a small problem with the EUP rendering. I have it working and it streams the correct peds/accessories.

However…At a distance (about 20 meters) all of a sudden the Peds start rendering weird, almost looking like octopus. Here is a video and here is a picture

Thanks for any and all help.

PS My server has a Patreon linked license key :wink:


how to open clothes menu _?


/eup in chat

(20 char)