Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1



Is this how the ace permissions would go into the server.cfg?



I never donated or payed for anything and i can use it server side.


hmmm… thats weird, when did you get it. cause i reember that you needed Element Club Argentum for it to work


I am trying to add ace permissions for this.


am i going the right direction? this is in my server.cfg


anyone that can help me streaming custom outfits for police?


are they addons or replacers


looks about right


I know that. But how to implement them into police? cause it uses skinchanger. or how to add addons to skinchanger?


so you want to know how to add skins to the addon skin changer?


that will help too. But I also want to know how I add mp_f_freemode_01_p to police.


to police? like for eup?




so what exactally do you want me to help with?
adding addon skins to the addon skin changer or somthing else


I would love to receive help for police uniforms.


adding them to eup or addon menu


I know how to stream them. What I don’t know is how to make them get on cloakroom. Sql or config. Confused because in both ways there are skins. And how do I get skins {[tshirt_1’] = 59, [‘tshirt_2’] = 1,} from eup


can you send me a copy of the script your using


About a month or so ago.


ill try it, but im pretty sure you needed to donate at least 15$ to get the proper working version. your sure you dont just have the DLC.rpf with eup on it


are we ever going to get a version we dont have to donate for?