Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided Testing!|Stabilized|Easy Install!UPDATE 2.1



Its what I use, they can either deal with it or remove my release.


Is it? Spoiler: it’s not.


I think you may want to check your information before you comment.


okay, but also why cant i use the server sided because it goes in but the uniforms are just a bunch of random stuff like parachutes?


you need ECA to use it as of now


how do i get ECA?
(20 characters)


and will my friend be able to see it if i get ECA?


Nice release just got your pack working, awesome, im really hoping for the rescue pack release next time, thanks for the release


the server side menu does not work at my server


did you put the nativeui in before it?


in the server.cfg ? 20char


and what is about the # at the “start eup-ui”


You have
#start eup-ui ?


no without “#” (20 char)


Yeah that was a massive typo sorry. tried to make it bigger text error with the HTML


Is it confirmed working for ECA Servers? Want to make sure before I buy ECA


Yes it is, its confirmed working.


You think you could describe how to add eup clothing to the stream folder, i really want the rescue pack in for my ems? I would really appreciate it


Im working on it. its a process


I appreciate it hmu if you need help just have to explain me how to do it, and i would gladly help you out