Emergency Uniform Packs|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 3.0 BETA(8.0)



Has anyone got serve and rescue into the server side menu yet?


Yeah, This happens to me too, I don’t think this works anymore.


That was because the game didn’t understand you purchased a subscription yet. You need to allow it 6 hours.


ok but it wont work … what can i do?


when you wear vest . and if you far away from other players. there is a problem.


Great Job Aidan, Great EUP Pack!!


push (20 char) (20 Char)


I put EUP in my server, and when I use the menu, the outfits are just random stuff.


Need ECA to run the outfits :confused:


Aiden* Atleast spell my name right Raf.


Thats just a EUP Optimization Issue, nothing anyone can do as of now


That’s kinda stupid that you need to pay for something that’s on forms.


Nothing I can do about it. Sorry :confused:



Here’s a screenshot I got while using EUP!


For those that do are not patreons of the CitizenFX Collective, client side works wonderfully. I used it on my server and required all my members to have it installed into their game. It’s wildly simple to do. Just replace a single file. No need for OpenIV. Just open a folder and replace a file.

Disclaimer: Make a backup of the file you replaced in case you ever need to reinstall FiveM or actually want to go online.


If I wanted to add something like this: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/20723-eup-replacement-belt-holsters-v10/

how would I do it?

I have already tried opening the dlc.rpf in openIV and going to the correct locations, then dragging and dropping the files. After that I archive fixed it to encrypt it but when I try to load in to a server it says corrupt files.


Hi, @NJD !

I wonder, since I love making videos (gonna send few examples below), I would like to know if it’s possible to “transfer” this resource resource to vanilla GTA. I will explain why -

Since I want best output quality and some fancy features like opencam, motion blur etc., I use Extended Video Export plugin. For it’s best use though, I need to work with footage from FiveM in actual GTA singleplayer mode/R* editor.

Since every asset from FiveM is easily transferable to regular GTA (like add on cars for example), it works perfectly. But I am not so sure about server sided clothes. Could anyone answer me on this, please?

Thank you for your time and reading!



do i need to pay 15$ still?


yes (20000000000000000)


Darn Ok