Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 3.0 BETA(8.0)



thats not up to me, so I cant tell ya


For server sided,

will there ever be an accessories tab in eup-ui?

(e.g insignia/patches)


how do i set up server side eup up need help for SAFD PED


i love the script but it isnt working for me it is just going like this.52d6f28a2ec4785fe3f619f99435d206c1f13076_1_690x351


WOW!!! Way to go FiveM! Talking all the time about how you can’t post scripts, and etc for money, yet Elemental Club is required for this release “which costs money”! You say it will not be a requirement “once the feature has been tested and proven to be reliable” but why do they get to beta test for money that others do not want to pay!?


Here Have Some :salt:


Just doing my rant for the day! LOL


I can’t get this working in my server could someone help me


is there any way to change the normal SA lore pack to california law & order for server side?


Seriously guys? You wanna make us pay $15/month subscription for a uniform pack when some of us are already paying a monthly fee for our server hosting? That’s not fair to those of us that would love to use the pack but can’t because not all of us can afford a subscription even if it is only $15/month. Please make it free to use.


+1 im not salty or anything, i can understand FiveM wants to make Money, but please… not with stuff like that.


you don’t NEED to pay for this, or a fivem server.


If people would read the original post, it states that the script requires you to buy a $15 FiveM supporter pack. Otherwise it will not stream the files. The script itself doesn’t require money at all. Just something the script requires costs money.


so if i donate just once and cancelled it after, will it still run


Until the first of the month, which is when Patreon takes money. You pay $15 PER MONTH.


i know but if i cancelled my donation will i still be able to use it server sided


Yes… As I said. Until the first of the month. You get it until you pay again. How about you just join a server with it so you don’t have to pay. This is where merging comes in handy.


Let me say it this way for you donate one time you get it for one month if you don’t donate after that one month the code they gives you will not work so the eup will not work


I have another release of EUP downloaded. In this download, does it have the EMS/Fire uniforms in it’s menu?


working on it :stuck_out_tongue: