Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 3.0 BETA(8.0)



Where do I get that?



Just a quick one, I’m not sure if they are custom backpacks installed by yourself or by Alex from EUP but if you go to “hands” in the SNT clothes option when selecting the male freemode model, and then go to what I believe is in the 52 and 53 slots, as soon as they are equipped the player model glitches like mad.

In short, is there anything you or Alex could do about this or not?

Thanks (Y)


Probably not sorry


No worries, thanks for getting back to me! (Y)


Hey folks, I’m wondering if anyone has successfully removed some of the replacement items from the server side pack? I’m interested in using a pared down version, but am unclear how that would work. Could I just delete the unneeded models and skins in the stream folder?


Will the Fire Department skins be added to the eup-ui as well? If there is an early access verison that can be sent to me that would be great. I dont need EUP-Pack. Just the eup-ui with the fire/med peds.


Eventually yes. :slight_smile:


it is acually possible to stream MP clothes without installing something clientside, HighSpeed-Gaming has it they are streaming EUP clothes


Do i need a trainer to do this???


Yes you need the Trainer or a Trainer.

  1. Do you have an ETA on the FD skins being added?
  2. Would you mind PMing me on how to work the props and components? I’m willing to do the work and create the menu options myself, just need to know where to get the numbers.

Thanks for all your work!


But can’t i make it so i choose a category in like police job cloakroom?


is it available without paying for a service yet?


Great Release. I have seen so many servers use this!


Huh? You don’t have to pay for anything.


well, for server side you do


Nope… It’s in my server and i didn’t pay for anything.


server sided? i thought you had to be a detonator for it to work


if i become a patreon than cancel my donation do can i still use the EUP server sided