ELS | Serverside?



Is there a way to convert the popular ELS plugin to work serverside -

I currently co-run and develop a WIP server and we plan to use ELS Vehicles. We would like the availability to add in any vehicles we like as addon vehicles at random points, but we do not want to have it become a situation of our members having to update their ELS folder whenever we want to add/remove something from the game. So I want to know if there is a way to make ELS server-sided so they don’t have to worry about the XML files.

Can anybody help me out or inform me of any WIP methods? Please and thank you - much appreciated!!!

~AFGN Austin

ELS Enabled in Client Side

This is NOT a fivem feature request. (Moved Your Topic)

Use the FiveM Search Function. Its there for a reason.


Accidently clicked wrong thing, chill, chill, you don’t need to be defensive either dude.


I am not getting defensive I am just telling you it was moved.

I was also telling you if you would take the time to actually search for what you are looking for (Using the search bar) you would see there are 2 ELS scripts…