[ELS] Ford F-550 Wrecker & Flatbed



This is the Ford F-550 Wrecker, and Flatbed. I did not create these vehicles or any of these textures. All credits go to the following individuals.

Ford F-550 Wrecker: DeezNutties123
Ford F-550 Flatbed: Thero
SAAA Livery: harrison90

Known Issues with the F-550 Flatbed;
Doors do not open when getting in and out of the vehicle
- this is part of the model, this isn’t a FiveM issue.

I have tested these on my server, these should not have any issues. If there are any bugs, please mention them.


Vehicle Spawn Codes:
towtruck: Ford F-550 Wrecker
flatbed2: Ford F-550 Flatbed

The reason the Flatbed2 is an addon is that AI drive the flatbed, so it would be rather odd seeing an SAAA Vehicle being driven by AI. Also, this is the version without the Arrow Board.

Download Link


I’ll have to definitely check this one out.
Can’t wait.


don’t “wreckers” still drop vehicles every 20 seconds


Really? I tested on my server dragged a vehicle from the Observatory to the Yellow Jack, and only lost it once because I was going way to fast. What vehicle were you towing? And also to be fair it’s a FiveM issue, and not related to the mod itself. afaik.


@Kitten That door glitch was fixed by Thero a while ago


It was? I will check, and update the resource when i get to it.


Yes, you should also link to their actual post instead of the download link.

Thero - Today at 10:09 AM
The door thing isnt an issue anymore either lol


Isn’t that the actual post though? The ones I hyperlinked, unless im wrong?

Oops, i was wrong. Nice catch! Thanks.


Um… I worked on fixing the door glitch?


where i put vcf folder? 20 chars


in ELS folder … ELS-FiveM\vcf and don’t forget to add them too in ELS-FiveM\config.lua


lol sorry my mistake i don’t have els… if i use the dunko vrp edit can i install els?


This specific vehicle had a door glitch. Thero had updated his model to fix it.



(Twenty Characters)


where i find the post to download els?


[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


how do you get the controls to work for the bed and loading the cars etc?