ELS crashes when joining server


HI! whe nim joining a server that Im sure have ELS on the game crash when Im on entering session
So i been draging all els files to gta directory and to plugins folder but is crashing… When i remove els it wont crash… Anyone who can help me?


ELS is not compatible with FiveM.


Alot of players on that server has els so i think it is and when I try to launch the game without fivereborn it still crashed but if i remove els files it will work


American Life Server has ELS working you have to install it in your GTA 5 directory for the normal game AND in your FiveM folder under plugins you also need to install the pack of ELS cars


Yea i know and the game is crashing even if i launch it without fivereborn. The issue is scripthookv cause when i launch the game without scripthookv or without advancedhookv but i have els files in it wont crash but the els wont work then… so my scripthookb doesnt like advancedhookv…


So I managed to fix the crash and is working :smiley: I launched the game via administrator rights XD cause it works with openiv and openiv requires administrator rihts so i tried the same thing on gta… Now I have to find out if theres anyway on how to start fivereborn as an administrator!


there is

right click fivem>properties>Compatability> Run as Administrator>Apply


or server side ELS witch is the same just weird to use


I’ve got the same problem, but FiveM doesn’t allow to be ran as administrator. I have the last scripthook and ELS version. Help?


Do you have it on steam or Social Club?


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