ELS add-on EMS vehicle - AI doesn't pull over



Exactly as the title says, I added in (not replaced) EMS and some other emergency vehicles but AIs don’t seem to yield when running lights and sirens, is this a setting or config I need to change somewhere? Thanks everyone.


This flag needs to be enabled in vehicles.meta


I have this same issue and I checked the cars flagged and it appears to be there. Could it be something else?



Your vehicles also need carvariations.


Could you elebrerate sir?


You need to have the correct carvariations.meta set-up, so that the NPC’s recognize it as an emergency vehicle.


Is it the same flag as above? Just add that to the file?


No it’s not.
Try finding an EMS/Police vehicle, that includes a carvariations.meta file, so you can take it from there.


Thanks for all your help buddy. I will do that. I’m new to this so I appreciate the info.