El Paso County RolePlay Community|Serious & Realistic Roleplay| Looking for LEO, Civilians, Dispatch!



@Mizkit if you are talking about the automatic promotion you have to go through the application process first, you simply dont just get promoted by joining the Discord.


Hey man, The discord link is not working anymore!


Sorry about that, here is a new link. https://discord.gg/gAPYRCX


Thank you for letting us know.


:grinning: New LEO academy this weekend looking for a few more LEO’s


Server is now fully operational with new scripts!


Looking for new members as we have updated our systems !


We have now added snow to the server !


Looking for department Chain of command

Dispatcher for hire
Looking for a good community please read inside
Vehicle Modeler looking for Mature Communities // dunning-designs.com

Albuquerque Police Department?

“Jessie, it’s time to cook!”


@SakirinTannoy Yes APD is currently accepting applications.


Breaking Bad reference.




Looking for members to join Communications (Dispatch) as well!


Responding to a car accident !


Looking good


The discord link is not working… Can I get a new one? I’m interested in checking y’all out since I live in Texas.


discord link is not working




Post updated !