El Paso County RolePlay Community|Serious & Realistic Roleplay| Looking for LEO, Civilians, Dispatch!



About Us:

Welcome to El Paso County RolePlay, we are a PC-based GTA V roleplay community dedicated to professionalism and respect. We have been open since December 2018 and we have now just opened applications up ! We are excited about our new community and have ranks to be filled asap. We are a a Realistic and mature based RP community. Everyone who joins will be able to choose 1 primary department and go as any LEO agency with the proper training. If you’re looking to become the next great dispatcher our communications department is hiring as well. We have a strong core group of extremely active members and a fantastic development team.

UPDATE: We have currently opened recruitment again! We’ve gone through the process of making some much-needed changes to our community and the roleplay systems. We had been interested in doing this and now that we’ve garnered some support and members, we have been working through this process.
We are a new and constantly evolving roleplay community looking for new members to come and join us. We offer a variety of different departments for you to choose from and we’re sure you’ll have a great experience.

Why El Paso County RP?
El Paso county RolePlay is a serious, yet enjoyable Grand Theft Auto: V community based on Civilian and Emergency services roleplay with an emphasis on realism, structure, and persistence. We have recently opened and currently looking for new members to fill our ranks. Our leadership is built real life first responders. Our community currently has 1 dedicated server, fully customized CAD/MDT system, custom vehicle packs and we are constantly working on new ways to enhance the experience of our members. We are truly looking to be the new industry standard!

Things to note:
Customized LEO Departments Peds/fleet
We Utilize EUP for our Citizens and LEO Departments
16+ Age Limit Requirement
Looking for ACTIVE and Mature members looking to join a great community.
Fully Customized CAD/MDT
Serious Role play!
TeamSpeak Server

Departments we offer as of 12/10/2018

  • Texas DPS
  • El Paso Police Department
  • El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
  • El Paso Fire Department
  • Communications (Dispatch)
  • Civilian Operations
  • Recruitment Division
  • Development Department

We would like to invite you to Join us Today- https://discord.gg/UWbeauj

In game photos:

Experienced LEO
Hi, expierenced LEO looking for a big community *also a streamer

Very professional community i would defiantly recommend for anyone who is looking to have a realistic RP experience.


Been a member for about Two weeks, The Staff and Administration is very professional. I highly Recommend this community.


Wow this server is Very professional and anyone who is looking to become an LEO all Departs are open!


We appreciate your support within NMSRP, Thank you!


One of the best communities I’ve ever been in super professional and whitelisted so no modders, If you are looking for one like that, you should join.


If you enjoy a community that enforces a militaristic regime between a tiny amount of players, kicks out people who don’t say hello how are you every day, reprimands you for discussing something that could have done better between staff members as a member of staff, then Department of J-- I mean New Mexico State Roleplay is the place for you!


Honest review right here, was part of the community for a bit was good, until one of the owners Jonathan started crying because he couldn’t take a constructive criticism from a member. I would think twice before joining this community. It isn’t off to a good start already.


Very Professional from what I have seen. It has a bunch of great members easy to talk to staff who will help you out. would highly recommend joining this community.


:grinning: Looking for Civilians !


Whats the discord i want to be a cop



There you go RC-Runt12
~NMRP Adminatration


Did not work
20 carters



Here bud add my discord
Douglas A. O-3301#5281


Thank you guys for helping out!


Very Good Server Would Recommend


Our age limit has changed to 15+, keep in mind you must be 15 Years old in order to apply.


Looking for some Trooper’s to apply