[EFRP] East Florida Roleplay custom vehicles, police,Fire/EMS,CAD/MDT, and more!Also hiring for every department


florida HI,come join EFRP [East Florida Roleplay] We are a growing community thriving to have fun and build one of the best RP communitys!!!
ABOUT US:We are a open server so anyone can join!!!
We have 4 departments you can join.LEO,EMS,COAST GUARD,CIVILIAN.You can also join FHP,Brevard Sheriffs,and OPD (Orlando police department).We do require to fill out a application first for all departments besides the civilian department.then we will do a interview and training for that department from the admin of that department.For more information check out our discord community for rules and more info if u have not already. DISCORD LINK->https://discord.gg/Xg4ksmH



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