Edit FiveM client error message

Fairly small suggestion: change the text at the bottom of all client error messages from “If you require immediate support […]”, to “If you require further support […]”.

My reasoning behind this, is that some error messages are just random messages that might not immediately make sense to the user, and thus they would require “further support” to resolve their issue; however, there are also other error messages that tell the client exactly what they need to do:

  • Verify your game
  • Remove this broken addon
  • E-mail us
  • Fix this vehicle before adding it
  • Etc.

By changing it, hopefully it will lower the amount of people who post these kinds of error messages on the forum, just to be told to read the message themselves (a long shot, I know).

Additionally, I feel like the current message is not suitable, as I can’t personally think of a situation where I would need immediate support to fix my issue. Furthermore, the message saying the error is being sent to the devs, followed by the “immediate support” message could also be interpreted as someone will contact the client in the future, which isn’t accurate.

My two cents :mascot:

I’m not dissing your idea (I actually like it), but people simply don’t read. A crash or error occurs, they go straight to the forum, delete the support template, and open a topic. This will always happen… Lol

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I can dream :blush:

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Sounds like a good idea. But it is just a small fix ain’t it?

Great idea!