Ecruiting police


Our server “gta5police” is a heavy roleplay server with a primary focus on realism and entertainment. We are currently looking to expand our police department and build a stronger more diverse police department.


Needs works, lacks good RP and is geared towards the police always making the arrest. Robbed a store, they use a mod where you are stuck in the store for 2 to 5 minutes and if you leave it doesn’t count that you robbed it. I Rped smashing the camera’s and the computer, taking the money out of the register since it was a gas station, normal things you would think of when making a robbery, cause thats what I do every night think of the perfect crime xD. Standing 30 secs ready to go, Cops teleport, thats right Teleport, to the outside of the store and immediately arrest me. One moment clear and home free, the next Scotty beamed down two cops and their cruisers. Whatever right? I mean I understand they cant be everywhere at once, so I start to RP with them, these peeps just pull stuff out of their ass. Saying the bills were marked, there is dye all over the back room, that I broke into a safe… with my baseball bat… what hulk smash? They immediately handcuff me and another guy who wasn’t even apart of the RP just filling his gas, oh and when they handcuff you, makes it so you cant even move. You can turn and thats about it. It was a shit show to say the least. Also like many of the server’s for GTA these people don’t know what Whitelist means. There is no interview or quality check’s of any sort, anyone can join. The only thing they have is a blacklist or banlist. No whitelist.