Easyest and best framwork ever!


Hi I am planning on creating my own server from scratch from only the scripts that are provided when u install true server.

Would you want a framework that is based on 1 script and can be installed easy as just adding one script to Ur server.cfg and in your resources folder then please reply the more people that wants this the better chance that I will start this project as a public script.

I am planning on making this for my server and if you want me to put it as the next best framework then let me know and I can release it as an on going project.

If Ur a dev and willing to help please pm me.

If u are not a dev but want a framework that is really easy to Install like an normal script then reply positively.

This script will have tutorials and tutorials a discord for help and more.

P.s I just want to create a huge script that can give people a real life server as easy as installing one s riot.

Any ideas any suggestions help question please join discord I am starting this project tomorrow as I’m in UK and it’s really late for me rn.

Discord: (https://discord.gg/BcJdX5e)


I’d like to see where this could go in the future :+1: