Eastern Canada RP | OPEN for all positions | white listed Police | Public Server | Searching for Dev's and testers



We are a new community coming to the world of FiveM - We will be a public server with white listed Police & EMS.

We are currently under development and beta testing will begin soon, If you wish to help with the beta testing please fill out the beta testing form below.

Applications are currently: OPEN For All Department’s and Staff
Apply Here:
Click here for Police
Click here for Staff
Click here for Beta Testing

Join our discord to stay up to date: Click Here


I have a simple requirement, I am looking for someone that can install and configure add-on emergency vehicles for my server, and get ELS working correctly for said add-on’s.

If you are able to help me, please reach out in discord Or DM me bant9802#6483


i can help with els cars


anyone willing to help out with anything please reach out on discord… https://discord.gg/ucbn6Nx

DM me: bant9802#6483


Looking for Testers for server. Please DM me on Discord for more information or if you’d like to help



I am looking for Beta testers to help test the server - if you are willing to help with testing please Join us on discord. We are looking to start beta testing asap.


Applications open for all positions - Staff and Police. if you’re interested in helping a community grow here is your chance!


Still searching for a few people to join our upcoming community.

All applications taken with high consideration of acceptance!