East Coast RP. Professional Roleplay (15+)



East Coast Roleplay is a professional 15+ Roleplay Community with lots of fun features. Currently, we are looking for people in all departments. Fire/EMS, LEO, Civilian, and Dispatch. We have an amazing active staff team that is always there to help with anything and to provide you with the best training possible to make for super realistic and super fun scenarios. Joining the server is super easy as all of our scripts are server side which means all you have to do is install FiveM and punch in our IP!

Some of our other features include but are not limited to:
• A Whitelisted/Blacklisted server to ensure only verified members can connect
• Active/Dedicated Developers to tackle bugs and constantly improve the server
• Custom fire/ems cars
• Custom LEO, Peds
• Custom police vehicle textures
• Custom Civilian Vehicles
• Real life Construction/Tow Vehicles
• Realistic Vehicle Damage/Fuel consumption
• A Team speak server
• Radar Scripts, Tex Message Scripts, Twitter, Tow Script
• Time and Weather Synced
• Custom CAD/MDT
• Civilian Vehicle Stance Script



If you are interested in becoming a member of the East Coast Role Play Five M server, go ahead and click the link below and submit your application. We will respond within 24-32hrs

Website- Work in progress

Apply here - https://goo.gl/forms/wQFVpsN23sZdVsz23


I have been apart of East Coast Roleplay for under a week after applying for the sheriff department.The staff and members are very friendly and helpful. My first patrol was memorable because I have never ever seen a Civilians department that are so organised, it’s really worth joining our community. I hope to see you on the community soon :slight_smile: