East Coast RP (DOJ CAD/MDT & M-Menu)


East Coast RP has been serving the public since early 2016, Having a place where people get together is one thing. Having a community that is built on the love of gaming is another. Most importantly a fan base of people watching and enjoying our content. This is your chance to further yourself and become apart of the future.

We have DOJ’s Exact CAD/MDT, DOJ’s Tool Menu,DOJ’s Radar

Openings for ALL roles, All EMS spots,Civilian.

Patrols Daily

Looking for DEVS(To make scripts,Cars,Skins,Peds,Models,etc…)

Everyone is welcome (Age 13 or older, Its the law)

Discord: https://discord.gg/QtaeKhs9


i want to join the discord link is not valid


here discord east coast roleplay https://discord.gg/BQTfU73 @Stanley_Davis1 there you go i set it so it does expire


can you set the link to nerver expire


can i be a developer?


@Stanley_Davis1 ummm maybe apply on our website i wouldn’t put you as a developer right away but maybe down the road


website link please.




there is no option for dev?


no there is no option for dev bcuz you have to meet with the director sorry about that


ok thanks man for the help.


np so you can join civ and talk to him about that


Ive been roleplaying on this server for 2 weeks now and I have had a really good roleplay experience here. The staff is very helpful as well.


how do you get the doj tool menu and the m menu