Dublin City RPC | Irish Police | New


Hello I am The Founder Of dublin citys rpc. we are a new server looking for members to join us. we only allow good rp any failrp or do something unrealistic we won’t be happy . what we have to offer:

[1] Realistic garda cars
[2] Realistic Garda peds
[3] Good Rp
[4] friendly members

we always try making your experience in our server the best. if you want to suggest scripts cars and so on we have a section for that in discord at the moment i dont have pictures but ill put pcitures up when i can put if you join we wont disappoint you! rules will be in discord. our discord is https://discord.gg/yna9qNA Come have a talk with us and once you join ask staff to interview you to be a cop or ems Hope You all have a great day! also we feature els and we have our own game pack you will be required to install fail to put them in your game means your lights wot work properly and you wont have our custom sirens !

i got some pictures