Allows to open/close doors at Mission Row PD.

Tested with the latest version of FX Server.

Copy the folder into your resources and add it to your server config.

Update 31 jan 2018 - New version, synced between clients.

dnaDoorManager.7z (3.1 KB)

Help i have a locksystem for police but i ned a key for open The doors
[Release] esx_doorlock

Ain’t nothin’ here but a readme file.


yea, have some issues with gitlab … busy fixing it



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Ok download is fixed now


This seems to only be client-side


Pretty sure this will need a server-side file for other officers


Yeah, this isn’t going to work like you think it will…


Maybe have an event to that triggers on all clients to keep the door data synced?


Thanks for all the input, will look into it to make it server side, keep in mind i’m still learning and this is basicly my first script.


Well if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask. Good idea though with the script.


Do I have your permisson to edit this script to make it work with different doors?


I’m all about sharing so yes you can


Also, anyone can lock and unlock doors. You should add a whitelist for doors using a steam hex whitelist.


Yes that was the plan …


If anyone can help my thoughts for server side, am i going into the right direction ?

So move the doors array server side, everytime the client comes close to the door the client sent a server event to readout the array.

If client locks/unlocks door, send event to the server to update the doors array


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Is this a release??



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I agree @Havoc (20Char)