Dothan Alabama City Rp


Hello Our Big Project Has Finally Opened For Public ASPRP.We have spent a whole a amount of time setting this up. we use our own custom skins. Our departments

[1] Trooper
[2]Sheriff’s office
[3]Fire department
[4]Ems department
[5] civ department

As a registered civillian you gain access to our cust addon vehicles And when you get trusted enough you will be able to apply for a pilots license

Server is up 24/7 and we have members from around the world

this server couldnt of gone anywhere without Nathan C. Jack Daniels Luke Nathan H. and all of our members Our discord and our ts come and check us out we offer great service and you will never be let down applications are open so feel free to apply at any time :wink:

also we have a report a member form where you can fill out if a REGISTERED member causes problems

Thank You,

Cian P.


Discord link expired.


New discord i will be putting it in their once we set it up