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I have read the FiveM Terms of Service. That you are not allowed to earn money from donations, but they are allowed to cover server costs. I want to give those who donate ingame flairs (Icon infront of their name) and some other server owners have told me this is not allowed. But as i can read from the Terms of Service, this is no stated, only that making money is not allowed


Should be fine as long as anyone is able to get that flair without donating (like earning money in-game to buy such flair). This way you’re not creating exclusive donator perks, thus making it fair for everyone. But keep in mind that donations are, like you said, purely for covering costs.


Im sure you can give a Flair as Donation bonus


Its just a flair, No in-game stuff is related, no more money or cars or anything like that, Just a icon in front of your name when typing in the chat

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People somehow misinterpret the Service Agreement as stating ‘no in-game perks’, but this is false: the only meaning is literally ‘don’t make profit’. Disabling a donation button when you’ve reached a monthly expense goal, for example, is a way to achieve this.

Donations on FiveM servers
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I feel like I A rank with no perks just letting the rest of the community know who has contributed to keep the servers up and running should not be a big deal . I have seen many people giving in game money on certain servers to donators and that is 100% wrong