DOJGAMESHQ has a Public Server



Hello DOJGAMESHQ Fans! I am Dustin D Mccrary the International Director of DOJGAMESHQ, I am here to inform you all about the Public Server, DOJGAMESHQ Public Server is a Non-Whitelisted Server where we allow anyone to be a Civ or Community Police… This server is to help connect DOJGAMESHQ with the other people, we will still have our Whitelisted servers, but the Public Server is the only one Online at the moment, Please join us on FiveM and any questions can be answered at . Stay tuned for more great development things to come!

-Server-Side EUP Emergency Uniform Pack
-Custom Scripts
-Custom Menus
-Custom Vehicles Leo/Emergency Service and Civ Vehicles

  • Leos can pull Over AIs Full Interaction with them
  • Always Developing New and Exciting Things



We Have an Active Team speak.
Additionally an active Public and Whitelisted server.


I am a Civilian and Community police officer in DOJGAMESHQ Public Server and it is amazing! We are all nice and love to get on and roleplay with new people and do scenarios with them. Come and watch our streams on twitch and join us! Also don’t forget join our discord!



No Set patrols,

People are on usually all the time!


Community Is Very Welcoming to Newcomers, And asks very high respect of all members, no matter what.


I agree!


SAHP is Hiring! Join our discord or apply at


Civilian Operations is Looking for Individuals that can help run some businesses in SA!
Join the discord or apply today @


Still Hiring! As well as ALL other departments!


Patrols still going strong.

Around 15-30 all day long!