DOJ RP Server


Hello, I am a Founder Of The Department Of Justice Role-play Community

This Role-play community will have ELS Cars. We have custom departments, Highway Patrol, Sheriff, and Fire/EMS. We have a discord (message if expired) We have just launched our server! We have a roster to see everyone’s roles more organized. We take place in California, and Orange County!



your not DOJ RP?
Are you just saying that to get people to look?


So what if their name is DOJ RP, Their community is probably a Cop based roleplay server “Department Of Justice” Roleplay. I understand where you’re coming from with the real DOJRP but who cares what they name themselves, they will find out sooner, or later.


no i joined and their name was not DOJRP. Thats what i was saying, it was California State RP, that was the point.