Does FiveM work with the non Steam version (Social Club)



GTA V version? I have the newest version of GTA V on rockstars website
Up to date? Yes it is
Legit or Pirate copy? Its a legit copy bought from rockstars website
Steam/CD/Social Club? Its the social club version
Windows version? Windows 10 newest update
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again? No.
System specifications is GTX 1060 3GB Max q design intel core i5 7th gen 8GB ram soon upgrading to 16GB of ram 1TB HDD hardrive

Just a quick question does FiveM work with the non steam version.
I bought it on social club


Aslong as you have a legit copy of GTA V, you can play FiveM. No matter if it’s Steam, CD or Social Club


Thank you for telling me


You should keep steam open in the background as some servers only allow connection with steam. Doesn’t matter if you own the game or not on steam. As well as some server databases need your steam id to track your player stats.


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