-=[DODRP]=- Department Of Defense, New Server, Developed, Hiring All Departments! CIVs | White-Listed LEO | National Guard | Aviation Flying | ELS | EUP | Multiplayer PEDs | Custom Cars! | Active 18+ Staff And Owners! Come Join Us!



DISCORD: https://discord.gg/s78P9vf

DODRP Is a new up coming server that is in Alpha, we are almost fully development with only adding in new improvements until we make our way to beta, during this time we are building the community and the server is up and running and ready to play on!

CHP, LASO, LAPD, California Air and Army National Guard, All departments are hiring! We have Custom Cars, ELS, EUP for officers but still Multiplayer PEDs for Civs! We Also Have A fully Functional CAD!

:airplane:We Have Aviation And FLYING! Get Your Pilots License And Fly Privet And Commercial Planes And Helicopters!

The Server Is Growing At a fast rate and we are looking for YOU to come play on our community and call it a home! We have community cops as well in the works so anyone can be a cop! but our departments ARE white-listed!

If You Have Any Questions Just Drop them down and i will answer them as best as i can! Or Drop Into The Discord And Ask Any One Of Our Staff For Help! We will update this post as we go!

~[1A-03][H-001] Wasabi




Join Us!