I bring you my first conversion and add-on. It’s just a simple drag and drop. And add to your server config.

It’s the 2016 dodge challenger and 2016 dodge charger.


disclaimer: Just a quick note: the challenger extra’s is not working I am looking into either changing the model to a different model or leave it the way it is. It came from the developer that way.


People like screenshots to see what they are downloading.


thats why u click on the links to see what u are downloading




So can you not change it to a hellcat? The mods for the vehicles aren’t working.


not yet I am working on getting that to work.


Okay I will come back when they work then :slight_smile:



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Just to give a heads up on this project. I have went through all the content the challenger had released with it and can not for the life of me get the hellcat to work. For this I am sorry. I spent almost 10 hours straight yesterday trying to get it figured out. So as it stands till the original creator gets back to me I have to leave it at the current setup.


Would love to see Ram trucks in here (I have one IRL)


what is the handling on the cars its terrible.


handling line is from the down loads. I have no issues with them


Te rams are junk currently. I am looking to find one to add to the pack tho.


I have a 2014 :smiley: IRL


I would love to find one that doesn’t lock up the server or have a poly count issue.


Have you tried to rename the global_mods to 16 charger instead of 15 ?


No I haven’t I will have to try that. Thank you.


I thought it was only the challenger that didnt have mods working not both. RIP.

I got the chargers mods to start working now, Im still working on the challenger.


Ok kewl… And yes if wouldn’t mind helping it would be greatly appreciated. With my job I haven’t been able to get back to work on it yet. I’m an over the road truck driver.


Has anyone figured this out yet? Why the mods aren’t working?