Dodge Caravan Unmarked Police Van for Fivem [ELS]



Dodge Caravan Unmarked Police Van Version 3 for FiveM[ELS]

By Candice Mods


Original SP Download and Pictures


Whelen Dominator 8 Module lightbar in rear window

2LEDs in Grill

2 LED in Dash

Known Bugs: Plate is buggy, not sure why. all the other cars ive done the same way, plate should be working; however its buggy. merging in a plate which is what i did, doesn’t seem to fix the issue.


  • Original Dodge Caravan model made by the Driver: San Francisco development team. - The vehicle was converted to GTA IV by an unknown party not affiliated with Lt.Caine. - The main model was extensively optimized, modified, and templated by Lt.Caine.

Converted from GTA IV to GTAV by Candice

Features HQ Mirrors, Working Indicators, Headlights, Hands on Steering, Working Dials, Window and Lightbar Collisions, Sliding Doors

Toughbook laptop made by Schaefft
Code 3 MX-7000 light bar and all other emergency equipment and lighting made by Lt.Caine.
Siren Controls
Placement of lighting equipment by PoliceWag.
Roof rails made by PoliceWag.
tam85 by tomcatt
DEV Whelen ION Series Super-LED By HDgamerzPC
UV Mapping and Template by Thero

Special Thanks to LT. Caine for wihout him alot of our lights would be dull. I enjoyed the lightbar he put on the origoal model.

DEV HAzard LED By MooseYTY

Whelen Dominatory by Tomcat8492

Download and add start caravan to your server.cfg you need els for this vehicle to work.


Nice to see more ELS vehicles being brought to FiveM!


I mean, there are tons of vehicles that can be found on other websites, not just here. Most of the ones on here are terrible quality.


Well, of course, You can go to LCPDFR, or GTA-Mods and find a ton of ELS Mods, But let me rephrase. It’s nice seeing more vehicles being converted over to a resource which makes it easier for server owners to add vehicles to there server. Because for me, it takes 30-45minutes to do around 5-6 Vehicle Pack from LCPDFR, doing the vehicle.meta’s, carvariation, editing config.lua and adding the vcf’s. But then testing it on my private server to see if everything is working correctly.



this is a vehicle that i made yes its available on other sites but not as a fivem resource, easier to install and save alot of time.


Agreed, I am glad to see them as well.


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