Do you Looking for a developer ? , [dk][eng][fr]


hello :), im looking for ppl i can help , im danish developer some can support on


i can adapat all this system , esx/couchdb/vrp/cfg/fx, too what ever you need ,

lua , mysql , css , js, jquery , c sharp ,html , i can so many more also ^^

code from scratch i can also :slight_smile: if you need something

pm: lets find something out together , that how we let the community grow : ^

plz. if you danish writte danish too me ,

english or french , just writte the languages you use :slight_smile:


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I could DEFINITELY use some help on my server. Iā€™m so frustrated.


what do you n eed help too =?


Hello I need a server developer. For just general things.



Hey, do you have Discord?


Hello I would love to have you onboard with us. We are in desperate need of a dev thanks


@can you close this i dont looking for server more ty <3