DLC count mismatch error on Legitimate GTA V copy (Steam)


Can anyone tell me what this means? I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I have a legitimate copy of GTA V on Steam and I don’t believe I have any mods in my directory. Does anyone know? The screen says “DLC count Mismatch - 78 DLC mounts exist locally, but 85 are expected. Please check that you have installed all core game updates and try again.” The problem is that I am all up to date.

I have a picture of it but I don’t know how to paste it here, I’m new to the site.


I have read that this happens to Pirated copies of the game. Any ideas on why it’s happening to me?


You shouldn’t be getting that error on a legitimate copy of GTA, have you updated it through either steam or Rockstar’s warehouse client?


I have the same problem and do not know how to fix it please help


@TouchMyRAM yes everything is up to date. I managed to fix the problem by Validating my saves through steam. Weird…

@MikeBrand456 said in DLC count mismatch error on Legitimate GTA V copy:

I have the same problem and do not know how to fix it please help

Look at my reply ^^^
Hopefully that helps you too


@jwbjnwolf Ok. I am up to date on steam and I can verify if you wish. Instead of going off on me for actually having a legitimate issue on a steam copy, maybe you could have calmly and peacefully explained what you think the issue is. Now I did manage to solve it if you actually want me to explain how to fix it, but I do not appreciate someone, especially staff or a moderator of a site, telling me that I am lying. Thank you.


I agree.
I think you should explain clearly the solution


@MikeBrand456 Ok. So if you had the same problem as me then steam should say that your game is up to date and the problem isn’t updating the game. What I did was go through my directory (since I had previously modded) and took out everything that seemed like it didn’t belong (ASI files, INI files, Config files, LSPDFR files, ect.).

After this I went into my steam library and selected GTA V. I right clicked on it and went into my settings and then clicked on the Local Files or Local Data tab. Under this tab I pressed “Verify Game Cache”. Let that Verify for a few minutes, after which steam notified me that several files were missing. I pressed ok and steam downloaded the missing files into my directory.

After this I started up FiveReborn and selected a server. After that everything works fine! Hope this helps!!


@jwbjnwolf if you read the reply above yours I explain how I resolved the issue. I simply verified my game through steam.


@jwbjnwolf it’s ok thank you. Yeah I did manage to fix the issue though in case someone else has the same problem you might want to let them know.


hey, i have the same issue how do i fix it?