District of Defense RP | Custom ELS Cars | Custom Scripts | Active Staff - looking for LEO's and Civs!



Tired of the countless FiveM servers where all you see is drama, undertrained cops, and squeakers?

So were we.


My name is Josh F, and I am the owner of District of Defense Roleplay Community. District of Defense has been up for around a two months, and in that time, we have accumulated around 140 members. We have 30+ first responders, daily patrols , PixelCatGamer, and Dominic Howard in our discord, and staff willing to help you with any problem you may have. District of Defense runs on an 8 core GameHosting VPS, with the server being constantly worked on to minimize crashes, and bring new features. To begin to really shine, we need YOUR help!

Positions available in the community:

SASP Troopers

Sheriff’s Office Command Staff, Supervisors, and Officers

Paleto Bay PD Officers

Fire/EMS Members

Coast Guard

SWAT Units

We’re always looking for good, friendly staff! Staff is hand picked, so always be mature.

Business/Gang CEO’s - Run the business you’ve always wanted! Gain members, and rise to the top!


DISCORD LINK - https://discord.gg/jJCAU9Z

Server IP -

ModernSolutions CAD - https://dodr-cad-mdt.bubbleapps.io/home

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you on patrol!

  • Josh F
    DODRP Owner


FIXED DISCORD LINK : https://discord.gg/uGdZ6rY

Love this server! Great cops, great civs and active staff. Everyone is very nice and supportive to anyone who joins. Will help new players


i never liked it when the staff of the server act like they’re not and talk to them self in third person.


bump, server description updated!


BUMP, still looking for dedicated, active members