District Of Columbia Roleplay - Washington DC Trainer Based Community // Custom EUP


Welcome To District Of Columbia Roleplay!

DCRP Website - https://dcrpofficial.weebly.com/

Who Are We?
Welcome to District Of Columbia Roleplay. We are a community who strives to emulate the real-world work of emergency personnel, and the citizens of Washington DC. We currently offer LEO careers, Fire/EMS, and Civilian, we are a whitelisted trainer based community where realistic and fun roleplay, developed characters, and realism is our number one goal!

What Do We Offer?
We offer positions for the following departments.

  • DC Metropolitan Police Department
  • Citizens Of DC
  • DC Fire & EMS
  • DC Communications

What To Expect
Features we offer are:

  • Dual-Clanning Allowed
  • Free-Media Policy
  • Whitelisted Servers
  • RocketCAD
  • Accurate Department Vehicles
  • Custom Client-Side EUP Uniforms
  • Radar And ALPR System
  • Luxart Vehicle Control
  • AI Traffic Stop Script

Our requirements to apply:

  • A copy of GTA V
  • Be willing to use TeamSpeak3 and Discord
  • Be able to speak conversational English
  • Be at least 15 years of age (14 years of age for Dispatch)

Interested In Joining?
To apply, please visit our website below!

DCRP Website - https://dcrpofficial.weebly.com/

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Metro Police, Civilian, and DC Communications are looking for applicants!

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MPD Impala hitting the streets

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All applications are open and we are looking for applicants!

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Criminal Investigations Division is up and running in the MPD!

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The MPD Offers many divisions such as Air Support, SOD(Special Operations Division), Criminal Investigations, and the soon to come Motor Unit!

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Any good servers like DOJ & NoPixel
Looking for good rp server close to no pixel

Patrol is currently happening, applications are open!

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All departments are still open and looking for applicants!

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